Thanks to each and everyone of you who voted for us, we won the award for the Best Band at the Live Quotient Awards 2013.

Since we couldn’t go to collect our award in Delhi in the middle of our tour, we sent one of our biggest fans in Delhi, Natasha Agarwal to collect the award on our behalf!

Natasha Agarwal with the award

Natasha Agarwal with the award

This was her acceptance speech –

Hello and Good Evening! I have a message to read from The Raghu Dixit Project.

Hello everyone! We are extremely sorry that we couldn’t make it to this amazing awards night. We won this award because of our amazing fans and that’s why we thought it would be perfect for Natasha Agarwal (That is Me!!! Yaaaaayy!!!) – our biggest fan in Delhi represent us and receive the award on our behalf. We are thrilled that our fans love us so much and we would like to let them know that we love them back

Thanks for the continued support and this award is much appreciated for that reason alone.

The Raghu Dixit Project.