We’ve been trying to do this for close to 2 years now, we’ve worked with different people at Bacardi India to try and get the band to travel up to Aberfeldy, the home of Dewars Whiskey in the Scottish Highlands. And it must have been something special in the stars this time round, that it all fell into place at the last minute.

We were heading to Glasgow after our show in Leicester and had a date on the tour cancelled, so it left us with a couple of days free and around Glasgow! So Manuj Munjal, our champion at Dewars made a couple of calls, a whole bunch of emails sent, and some magic dust sprinkled and everything was booked and set up for us to get over here. We put out an SOS on our Facebook Page asking for film makers in Glasgow who could travel with us and chanced upon Euan Ryan, who as it so happens, is a big fan of the band as well!

Daisy Costello, the best production manager you can find, completed the merry party, and after an excruciatingly long journey from London to Glasgow, we were on our way back to the highlands!

The next morning started with a specially organised tour of the Dewars distillery and George, who took us on the tour made sure we came away with the utmost appreciation and respect for Dewars Whiskey and everything that goes into making it. The distillery itself is a quaint little place half way up a hill, and as you walk around the place you are engulfed with this amazing mixture of smells, right from the grain, the pot ale, the cafe and of course some of the best single malts you can have, right from a 25 year old cask no less!

When discussing the shoot with Manuj, I remember him saying, you will find picture perfect sceneries in any direction you turn and look in the highlands, so it was only a matter of where we wanted to shoot. I swear, we would have shot music videos for all our songs in Aberfeldy because every single place we went to looked better than the one before!

We tried to pick locations that established quite clearly, the fact that we were in the Scottish highlands. And with a makeshift PA which was essentially my laptop on full volume, we started shooting the video, improvising the shoot as we went along. Euan was right on the money, a couple of takes beside a gorgeous Loch, and we drove up to an incredible golden yellow field, and we knew we had to shoot there, and we did.

Raghu always wanted to shoot in the woods in the highlands and magically Daisy knew exactly the place to take us to. That was our last shot of the day, and as we were filming it, a couple of people going on their evening walk through the woods stopped to watch what we were doing, and led us to doing a quick impromptu concert for them!

After looking at the footage, I can’t wait for the video to be ready!

A huge round thanks are due at this point and it starts with mighty thanks to Manuj Munjal and everyone at Dewars who made this happen, and for completely trusting us with this. I wish every brand worked with artists like this!

To Euan Ryan, for firstly checking your Facebook at the right time, reaching out to us, and coming along for this shoot. We know we have a LOT of work to do together now 🙂

Daisy Costello, the one (& only one required) woman production crew who just made it all work. From ensuring that we were on time for everything to knowing just the right places to take us to, and also for these awesome photos.

We finally have our first music video in the bag and I think it had to be this one to start it all off!

As I sit here in the valley with the hills around me, with a steaming cup of tea in the morning chill, all I can say is Live True and follow your heart, those things are definitely worth doing!