"All our music!"

Over the years, we have created a whole lot of music and it has been released in different places through different channels and everyone has their own favourites. But we have been asked constantly for "All our Music!" and how one can get a hold of it. So this time, when everyone has moved away from buying music to just downloading (from wherever) or streaming, we thought it might make sense to give you a way to own everything we have made and can publicly release!

 All our music in a convenient 8GB USB pen drive held in a hand crafted wooden box

All our music in a convenient 8GB USB pen drive held in a hand crafted wooden box

An 8GB USB Drive with Gold Embossing

Over the years, the number of people who want to own CDs and also the number of people who can play music from CDs has dramatically reduced, and in keeping with the digital age, we thought it would be best to give you a high quality, great looking, sufficiently sized 8GB USB drive with all our music on it. This drive will also contain some of our brand new art-work that you can print at your end and make things with, and some videos and images about Karnataka, the place we hail from, as part of our proud association with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Karnataka.


Hand Crafted by Artisans in Karnataka

Before we conceptualised and created this product, we went through a lot of options, but none of them felt special or unique enough to hold all our best creations. So we got together with the guys from Iruve.in and engaged with some incredible local artisans in Karnataka who created a special package in what is a craft style that is so unique to this region.

We went through a couple of options for these designs as well, and finally arrived at this beautiful little box that you would love to keep with you forever!


DRM / Copy Protected - Because of YOU

When people heard we were planning to put all our music on a pen drive and give it out, the first question we got was, but is this "copy protected" and "piracy-proof". And our answer is "YES!"

We don't believe in DRM or Copy Protection because WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

We know how much you love our music and how much you will cherish and treasure it. We know there will be times you will want to give our music to your friends when you tell them about us, but we also know that you will then encourage them to buy it for themselves. 

So that way, our music is always piracy proof :)