The Raghu Dixit Project is one of India’s most exciting live acts. Having played in over 30 countries and more than 1500 concerts, the band has created fans around the world across all ages, and nationalities.

Over the years, the band has seen some of the finest musicians in the country collaborate with Raghu and give his songs their unique flavour. For his last album, "Jag Changa", Raghu reached outside of India and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Abigail Washburn, wife of the legendary Bela Fleck, members of the British folk band, Bellowhead, sarod player, Soumik Datta among others.

The Raghu Dixit Project makes happy music and embodies the spirit of joy at their concerts. A definite sight at their concert is one of the entire audience, young and old, jumping and dancing with unbridled joy and immersion in the music. This has made The Raghu Dixit Project a mainstay at music festivals around the world.

Raghu Dixit is one of India’s most inventive and charismatic artists
— Robin Denselow, The Guardian, UK

Jag Changa - Live


In November 2013, The Raghu Dixit Project collaborated with Nritarutya, one of India's finest contemporary dance companies and created a visual experience that complemented the music on the album. This included contemporary dancers, traditional dance forms like Kathak, folk drummers, shadow puppeteers, stilt walkers and the likes and was brought to life by Mayuri Upadhya, the visionary choreographer and founder of Nritarutya.

This act takes many customised shapes including the number of performers on stage and the specific dance and art forms being included.


Raghu Dixit - Live


The Raghu Dixit Project's infectious, joyful and energetic show. Currently a 5 piece on-stage act that features Gaurav Vaz on Bass Guitar, Joe Jacob on Drums, Sanjay Kumar on Guitars and Narayan Sharma on the violin apart from Raghu himself. The band constantly expands it's sound by including various collaborators on different instruments.

The band performs music from the band's 1st and 2nd album as well as yet unreleased material from upcoming music projects as well as some commercial music that Raghu has composed music for.


Acoustic - 3 Piece Set


For specific intimate concert situations, The Raghu Dixit Project is available as an acoustic 3 piece performance that is suitable for a sit down and listen concert setting. The typical duration of such a performance is 30-45 mins and is not suitable for large outdoor concerts.


Keynote Speaker


Raghu Dixit is also available as a keynote speaker for conferences, and corporate events with his unique take on the industry that draws from his varied experience as a musician, composer, global performer, microbiologist, scientist and IT professional. HIs inspirational story has a lot of relevant take aways in the professional / business world.